What is CrowdFund Giving™

Need money to start-a-business, write a book, songs, create movies or art?

Want to open a retail location, join or create a business opportunity?

Does your non-profit organization need money?

How about money for an invention, manufacturing, website, help the needy, start-a-band, pay hospital bills and pretty much anything else you can think of!

13 Advantages For Using “CrowdFund Giving!”

You Keep 100% Of The Money Raised …
You read it correctly. Unlike other Crowdfunding platforms, “Crowd Fund Giving” receives NO commissions from the funds you raised.

No Project Required …
You can help others get the funding they need and never have to do any fund-raising yourself. How’s that? Introduce them to “Crowd Fund Giving” and get paid.

Compound Funding …
Because of our uniquely structured compensation plan, it allows the funding process to become exponential even with a small amount of initial backers.

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