Compensation Plan

DISCLAIMER: Full Disclosure* as Mandated by The FTC.

Below is full disclosure and full transparency of the compensation plan payout.As with any business, funding or opportunity, you may not make a dime or raise any money.

Compounded Funding™ is an essential, additional financial resource for our CrowdFund-Giving Platform.Results depicted are not typical, and there’s absolutely NO guarantee of income. Monies earned or raised (if any), are all based on retail sales, contributions and your business work ethic. Through the Compounded-Funding™ process, SPILL-UP OR SPILL-OVER MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR..

CrowdFund Giving Information.
When “CrowdFund Giving” Becomes a fully-functional platform, you’ll be able to add your project content and start your funding. On your project page, you’ll have your information about your project and how backers can pay you you directly. No waiting for funds. No time constraints.

There’s Two Ways You’re Funded.
One: People give money to your project (usually in exchange for a reward), such as being on your special list, an autographed picture, maybe pre-buying your product or service, tickets to your grand-opening and so on. You choose the reward based on how much they give to your project.

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“Nextlevelx” receives NO commissions from your backers.